Grammatical Disability Humor

Apparently I am unobservant (well, in my defense I rarely go through the public entrance!) because I just noticed this sign outside of my building after almost two years working there.

I saw it yesterday and really found it ridiculously hilarious on so many fronts 

  • First grammatically (yes, I am a nerd): is this ramp safe to use if it is disabled? And, perhaps most importantly, how does one disable a ramp?!
  • Secondly from an accessible design point of view, why in the world is this ramp only for those with disabilities? It’s probably most used by strollers, for whatever it’s worth!
  • And lastly, there’s no way that ramp on the illustration is to code.

So that was my amusement on a Saturday at work. Life with a disability requires a bit of disability humor at times, I think. And that was mine this weekend.

Accessibility. Disability. Say the Word.


photo: Huffington Post

So between legit fangirling over Hamilton and the musical theatre category actually being included in the televised Grammys broadcast last night, this moment happened and made me happy.
What I loved as much as the moment was the reaction to it. Stevie Wonder is for better or for worse the token disabled person in music and the fact that he once again used his status as a platform for change was great.

But what was really great was that someone made this photo and put it on the main HuffPo site. Not the health site, not the disabilities site… the main site.

And I hope that we as a society are getting closer to this goal of accessibility.

photo: People Magazine